Computers for academic use installed at Hamilton School

hamiltoncomputercenterAs the school hall was being used as a polling station for the general elections in April 1994 it was decided to close the school during this time. Time was worked in for days “lost”. 10 May was declared a public holiday in order to celebrate the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as President.

1994 was highlighted by for the use of learners. The computers were to be used for remedial and enrichment purposes in Maths and English.

At the end of 1994, after 14 years, Hamilton School bid farewell to the Principal, Mr John A. Collier, who left for Sunnyside Primary School.

Hamilton School re-opened in 1995 with a new Principal, Mr Conrad Myburg, and a new Education Department – Gauteng Department of Eduction. The enrolment of pupils soared from 287 in 1994 to 452 in January 1995.

The school hosted its first winter sports and cultural day on Saturday, 20 May 1995. Guest schools were Lord Milner and Sunnyside Primary. Events that were hosted were netball, mini tennis and chess.

23 August 1995 was an historic day on which a group of teachers from Leratong Primary School sat in on lessons while the staff of Hamilton taught. This was the first of many schools in the townships “twinning” with Hamilton School.

This was also the year in which the staff of Hamilton voiced their opinion against pornography and the easy accessibility of this to children. A letter was sent to President Mandela informing him of our concern for the youth of today.

In 1995 the idea to promote entrepreneurship was introduced in the form of Mini-Market days. The children were encouraged to “rent a table” and to sell their own goods and any profit made was for themselves.

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